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An honest thank you

December 30, 2017

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Five reasons it's good to be a baker during the coronavirus outbreak.

March 14, 2020




Whilst everything is looking a little bit rubbish with holidays getting cancelled, panic buying at a high and uncertainty even higher, I thought I might as well look on the bright side. There are loads of reasons why being a baker, particular a cake baker is wonderful during this Covid-19 break out.


1. I already wash my hands about 1,000 times a day to the point of having no skin left.


2. I'm always in the local supermarkets stocking up on essentials and buying in bulk so most of the cashiers know me and they aren't going to look at me like I'm crazy when I'm loading 50 bars of chocolate, 10 jars of jam and 10 boxes of icing sugar (to name a few) on to the conveyer belt.


3. I have already have a cleaning schedule in place and plenty on anti-bacterial spray to clean down with continuously. I pretty much do this on autopilot.


4. This week I have been the sole person (lonely times) working in the catering kitchen. In effect I've been self iso-working!!! So there's been no other people coming into the kitchen who could spread the illness.


5. If I did unfortunately have to go into lock down I have enough chocolate to last me a life time and massive chest freezer stocked full of mini sausage rolls, quiches, spring rolls and samosas! So much so that I could also share with my lucky, lucky neighbours.


On a more serious note. I have been taking extra care to make sure that I am baking your cakes in the cleanest environment possible and ensure that there is no spread of the virus.


Take care, don't panic, eat cake!!




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