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An honest thank you

December 30, 2017

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Are you bored? Here's what to do about it.

March 5, 2020


I read somewhere recently that the opposite of happiness in boredom. This straight away struck a chord and made me think. Is this true? When we are unhappy is it because we are bored?




Are we bored with our job because it doesn't challenge us or with our weekly routine because we do the same things day in day out?




This lead me to think about some of the times that I would say that I am at my most unhappy.




One of these is definitely Christmas time or more specifically the period between Christmas and New Year. If I think about this time, basically I work right up to Christmas eve, sometimes 12 hours a day and suddenly Christmas day hits and boom, everything stops and you're supposed to be happy. For a while it's nice to sit on the sofa and eat indulgent food but I am a person who likes to be up and about so after a while i get, well, bored! I don't plan to do much either in this week because I'm shattered from being overworked and have allocated it as a 'rest' period.




Maybe I am doing it all wrong. I've identified that I am unhappy because I am bored so next year I should put a plan in place to make sure that even though I rest through to new year, it doesn't have to mean sitting on my arse watching Netflix and rubbish Christmas films for days, drinking Baileys and getting fat.




Sometimes, I'm unhappy with my work and if I really think about it it is more likely to be around the times when I am doing the same things over and over. So, if I have a week full of doing the same buffet day in day out I start to get a bit fed up and unhappy. This again comes back to boredom.


Now there's not much I can do about this as for the most my job is quite varied and we can't just not work because we are bored can we?! Nothing would get done. However, thinking about 'the opposite of happiness is boredom' has certainly shed some light on why I sometimes become unhappy with my work so if I wanted to change things up I could.




So if you are unhappy in your job, your relationships (partners/friends), your social life or you no longer enjoy going to the gym or can't be bothered to cook lovely homemade meals anymore. Have a good think about it.....are you bored?




If the answer is yes, then its time to take action and make some changes. Change isn't easy for anyone. But maybe its time to take that jump and look for a new job, reignite your relationships, try a new bar or mix up your weekend routineor nip on Amazon and buy a new cookbook!




It's a good time to say here that just because you are bored with say, your social life you perhaps don't need to suddenly start jetting off to Dubai for the weekend. Sometimes a small change is all it takes. Like me turning down that one buffet in favour of designing a beautiful cake or actually getting myself off the sofa between Christmas and New Year.




But what the hell, if you have identified that you are unhappy because you're bored book the flight, quit your job, maybe even quit being vegan and have a burger!




Its good to be back. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this blog.

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