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An honest thank you

December 30, 2017

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Don't look back in anger....

December 31, 2018



This year didn't quite turn out as I expected, I'm not entirely sure what I expected last January but I'm pretty sure it wasn't this. When you think about it though a year is a long time and how anyone can ever know what's ahead is unreal.


To be quite honest I'm quite glad to see the back of 2018 and I bet plenty of people reading this could feel the same way. However, I don't think that we should just write the whole year off and  forget about it and I am encouraging you to do the same.


I know, and I am quite happy to admit that I am more likely to remember the bad things over the good. So this year, I have decided to look back over the year and take from it some positives and lessons learnt so that I can take them into 2019.


I think this is a much more positive way to start the new year!


So here are my five positives:


1. I have learnt this year that I can be stronger than I ever thought I could be. No matter what has been thrown at me I have tried my best to tackle it head on and in a positive way. I have dealt with things I didn't know if I would be able to too. I now know that I can dust myself off and can come back with hope and optimism. Not because I don't get upset (because I do feel everything very deeply), but because there is a fire of hope inside me that wont die down.


2. I have learnt this year more than ever that I have the absolute best people around me supporting me. My family and my friends have stuck by me and helped me in different ways without me even having to ask. I feel so lucky to have so many people that I can talk to when I need advice, without being judged.

I have shoulders to cry on, girly groups to natter with, DIY experts, gym buddies, health and life coaches, removal men, my own personal chef and my very own special secretary (sorry for the spelling mistakes). You know who you are and you have supported me in my really dumb decisions, difficult decisions and my not so traditional plans for the future. I am forever grateful to all of you and I am feeling very emotional writing this because of how happy you make me.


3. I already knew that I don't have much patience but I have realised more so this year that anything worth having takes time.  So this year if I want to loose weight, get fit, learn something new and build my new career, I can do so but I have to be patient. This leads me on to my next point...


4. You can do anything if you out your mind to it. The only thin that is stopping you from achieving your goals is you and your own mind and self doubt. I have heard this several times over the years but it really is true. No one is a bigger critic of yourself than you are, so if you believe you can do it then everyone else will too.


5. Best of all, I have learnt that I should follow my instincts and trust my heart because those two thigs are always, always right.


In 2019 I will trust myself, be myself and best of all I will enjoy myself!


Please, please have a go at taking five, not so obvious positives from 2018 and let me know how you get on.


Happy New Year Everyone xxx

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