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An honest thank you

December 30, 2017

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Five Simple Tips to Stop Over Thinking (to try this weekend)!

October 26, 2018


Following on from this weeks blog The best thing you can ever do is learn not to think. I thought I would write a Friday Mini Blog with 5 tips that you can try THIS weekend to train your mind to stop overthinking or from thinking negative thoughts.


1. Give Some Yoga A Go.

Some people think that yoga is all about contorting your body into obscure poses and being really stretchy. It's not all about that. A lot of yoga teaches you to focus on your breathing and to become more in touch with how your body feels. You'll be so busy concentrating on your yoga that your mind wont have chance to think about anything else.

Try some beginners yoga classes by searching You Tube (I use Yoga with Adrien), find a beginners app or check out some classes in the local area like Yoga at The Reach


2. Read A Book

Whether it's fact or fiction, science or nature, trivial or meaningful, getting lost in a book can take your mind away from thinking about the same old things over and over. Reading is incredibly good for you. Some of you may read all the time. Some might not have picked up a book since school. Reading can expand your mind, teaching you new things or simply take you away from reality for a while. 


3. Try The Noting Technique.

I've talked about this in my blogs before. It's a mindful technique that takes a lot of practice but can be a lot of use to stop thinking turning into overthinking, worrying and rumination.

Every time you notice that you are thinking something that you don't want to be thinking simply say to yourself "that's thinking" and push it to one side. The thought may and probably will come back but just keep doing the noting technique to push the thought away instead of letting it get to you. Try downloading the Headspace App for more help on meditation.


4. Listen To Your Favourite Music.

Its often said that music is a good distraction from every day life. So plug in your speakers or headphones and blast some of your favourite music out. Even better, sing and dance along to add in a bit of exercise and release some endorphins.


5. Do Something For Someone Else.

I know it sounds like something you got told to do at school but by focusing your energy and mind on doing something for someone else it will take your attention away from whatever is rolling round and round in your brain. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, invite a friend round for a cuppa, do your mum or nan some shopping or cook someone a delicious, well thought out tea. 


Maybe these things seem pretty straight forward to you or maybe they seem very daunting. You could do them all or just pick one to do. 


I would love to know what you think to these tips and better still, if you have a go I'd like to know what you did and how you felt before and then after. Please drop me a message or comment below


Enjoy, relax and have a fabulious weekend


Sally xxx

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