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An honest thank you

December 30, 2017

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Are they for Instareal?

May 11, 2018

Long time, no speak.


Its beyond me how people mange to balance their daily working life, social life, social media life and write a daily blog too. 


Its been months since I've even had time to sit down and write and when I have I haven't really been able to think of anything worthwhile to say or a point worth making. After all who wants to hear about my 3lb weight loss which I gained again a week later. 



Life, as it does, has just generally taken over. Work has been busy and so has my home life, both of which have had their ups and downs.


These people who mange to run their own businesses as well as several social media accounts on top of doing meditation, yoga, eating well, keeping fit and going to all the best places and eat the nicest food are a mystery to me.


I am not a lazy person. I like to sleep but I'm not lazy, there's a difference (for all you doubters out there, you know who you are!) However, there is no way that is possible to do all that they seem to do, all whilst taking pictures of themselves looking absolutely fantastic doing it. 


Am I doing something wrong? I can get the running my own business part right just about but when I'm doing that I can barely do much else. When I concentrate on my family and social life I forget about work and cleaning the bathroom and I almost always forget to update my facebook account when I've seen or done something worth seeing because I'm too busy doing it.


There are so many things to fit in and not enough time. I can fit a bit of exercise in, a bit of yoga and meditation here and there and I can eat right until the balance of work or a late night out flips things upside down. If I do my yoga its probably in my pants with no make up on so I wouldn't want to subject anyone to a picture of that and when I go on a night out I have too much to catch up on with my friends to be posting amazing looking snap chats.


And do these people not have house work to do? Dogs that pinch everything you put down? Do they not have trials and tribulations. Spots? Don't people have spots anymore or bad hair days? How to they consistently keep it all up? Help!


What about all this lovely food they are posting pictures of? Massive, delicious looking burgers, giant artisan doughnuts, a Wagamamas delivered to their desk.... just thinking about it is making me starving. How can they eat all they post and have a toned size 6 body that you see on their post a couple of hours later. How can anyone be out drinking botanical sugar filled cocktails all night and then have a green smoothie and not a massive bacon sarnie the next morning!!


What I want to know, after this big massive self depleting rant is, it just me or are these people for real? Is this really achievable? Let me know what you think and also how to eat burgers all the time and stay thin!


Thanks xx

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