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An honest thank you

December 30, 2017

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They see me scrolling

December 11, 2017


It has recently been brought to my attention that I spend a lot of time scrolling through my phone. Its no shocking revelation that people these days spend a lot of time on their phone but I really didn't think I was that much of a scroller! I do spend some time on my phone but I have convinced myself that the majority of it is work related.


Over recent years I have read a lot about mindfulness and living for the moment and I feel this is a very interesting concept. Being mindful of where you are and what you are doing does increase your enjoyment of things and also your productivity.


I have implemented mindfulness in many areas of my life and it has made me a lot happier. Just live for what you are doing. Enjoy where you are rather than going online to see what other people are doing. I certainly never, ever compare my life to other people online anymore and I really do feel all the better for it.


Funnily enough  a lot of the ways that I have become more mindful over the last couple of years are related to ditching my phone. But I can do a lot more.


Thinking about my telling off has really made me aware of just how much I use my phone and its actually ridiculous how a part of my life it is!

In fact its shocking how much phones have taken over our lives. Not to sound like an old person but I remember a time when we didn't have smart phones, I remember a time when I didn't have a mobile phone. What did I do with all my spare time?


For me personally from the start to the end of the day (some of these are not every day), I can think of the following things I use my phone for , and its scary.


*My phone is my alarm.

*I switch off my alarm and see all my notifications that have come through in the night, mainly emails and Instagram so I scroll through them

*I put on the radio app to listen to while I get ready

*Few texts 

*Take photo(s) of cakes

*Edit cakes in app(s)

*Check the time

*Use the pages app to check work messages and post for work

*Use the health app to check how many steps I've been doing.

*Use the banking app to check my bank balance.

*Order things for work from Amazon

*Few more texts or messages

*Pop something for sale on Shpok

*Use calculator 

*Search recipes or random information on google.

*Check trip advisor for somewhere to eat at the weekend.

*Do yoga using yoga app

*Few more scrolls through Instagram and Facebook

*Do meditation using app




Is this just me? I hope not!


Looking back to before I had a phone I was mostly at school and spent time revising for exams. But in my free time I would actually call my friends or go round to their houses. I must have actually watched TV when it was on rather than scrolling while watching. I must have actually listened to my friends when they were talking.


I remember a time in my life that was one of the happiest was when I lived down in Newquay when I was 20. Facebook had only just started and smart phones didn't exist.

I know for a fact that my phone spent pretty much a whole three months in a draw in my bedroom, I remember fishing it out when I was packing to leave. I didn't check it. I didn't need it. I was surrounded by people but that's not the point,the point is I was enjoying where I was at that moment. I wasn't interested in anything else.

We walked into town and checked our Facebook in an Internet cafe maybe once a week. and guess what, there was never anything of any interest on there. There never is now. What of actual relevance is ever on?


All this being said I'd like to just ditch my phone. But its not that simple. Not because of the fact  that I've not had my phone today because the screen was getting fixed and I feel like I've lost an arm (I kept checking my pocket for it, Why? And I had no idea what time it was). But because I use apps for work. 


But you know what, I survived without my phone today.

I guess its all about working out what things are important and worthwile and which things are just a waste of time.


One thing is for certain I am going to make a change. Starting with replacing my phone with an actual alarm clock. There is simply no need, when there are so many wonderful things in life for me to be mindless scrolling at 7am.


You'll no longer see me scrolling.......hopefully!

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