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An honest thank you

December 30, 2017

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What to blog...

December 6, 2017


Hello and welcome to my first blog. I'll try and keep it short.


I liked the idea of writing a blog and adding it to my site and I have read about blogs being a great marketing tool for business, but I'm not quite sure what to write about. As far as I see it there are thousands of bakers out there writing their blogs, giving out their recipes and baking tips, so I don't want to do that. Its been done, I don't think I can do it better. People similarly don't want to hear about how I learnt to bake, where I get my inspiration from or what I ate for my dinner. Well even if they do I don't really want to write about it. Its boring.


A typical Christmas blog for example may talk about how I've always baked jam and lemon curd tarts with my mum in the week before Christmas. How my Nanny always made the homemade lemon curd and how I cant wait to eat the lemon tarts when they come out of the oven and burn my mouth and oh yes, the kitchen smells amazing bla bla bla. No.


In true 'me' style I have done a bit of research. A blog is an informal, diary style website. A web log that is publicly accessible and  typically reflects the personality of the author. 

However, on a day to day basis nothing much really happens to me that I feel is worth web logging.

I struggle to get up, I go into work, I bake, serve customers, chat to customers, have a laugh with my staff (well in fact my staff are my friends and my mum) fact there actually may be a blog to write about life at the shop. When I stop and think about it I have a pretty brilliant job. That's another blog sorted then.


So what am I going to use this blog for...


Still a little bit unsure. It is possible that I may have a few interesting days in my life that may warrant an addition.  I will probably write a bit about baking and throw in the occasional recipe. Other than that there a few other things that are close to my heart that I would, I think like to talk about.

For now I'm just going to write a list here to remind myself and (if anyone reads this blog) ask people to let me know in the comments if there is anything Sally Shortcake related they would like me to talk about. Secret recipes not included. 


Here are the kind of things you could potentially hear me waffling about if you decide to visit this blog again.


*Dogs (Monty and Eric)


*Yoga (Really should start doing this again)


*Mindfulness (Meditation)


*Food ( I like to eat out, I like to eat takeaway, I'm generally always thinking about food)


*Anxiety (How I have it, how sometimes its there, sometimes its not. How I feel about mental health in the NHS, how I've overcome my biggest anxieties)


*Depression (How I've hit rock bottom and I am still alive and kicking)


*Holidays/travel (Generally just when I have time to take a holiday I may write about it)


*My views on charity (what I support, how I'm sceptical and why the not so rich are the ones giving to those in need)


*Politics (although I will air on the side of caution) 


*Rugby League (Leeds Rhinos)


*Work (How I really feel about what I do on a daily basis)


*Exercise (or the lack of it)


Oh and happiness! I've lots to say about finally being happy with myself.


I didn't keep it so short, and it seems I may have quite a lot to say in this very public online diary.



Oh and Nicola, Mum and Dad if you spot any spelling mistakes, sod off!! xx






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