Celebration Cakes

At Sally Shortcake we do celebration cakes differently. 

I have two main focuses when making and designing a celebration cake.

The main factor in a Sally Shortcake celebration cake is that it should taste amazing. For that reason I start with the flavour. We put together flavour combinations based on what the lucky person reason receiving the cakes loves. If they are a chocoholic it could be a rich chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and topped with a rich ganache. I coffee lover could get a coffee sponge with a mocha buttercream and a gooey caramel filling. 

The second factor is that the cake should look amazing. I don't make cakes that are covered in fondant icing. I feel that this makes the cake too sugary and takes away from the intended flavour of the cake. Fondant iced cakes may look stunning but I believe you can achieve this in other ways.

I decorate cakes with buttercream or ganache so they are either naked or semi naked. I then decorate the cake with things the recipient loves. Chocolate, fresh fruit, flowers, biscuits or sweets.

Your ordered celebration cake will be as individual as the person that it is for.

Each cake can be different depending on what you want. For this reason we don't have celebration cakes priced up.

If you would like to order a cake for a special occasion we recommend that you send us a message or call in to see us. We can have a chat and agree on the perfect cake.

Just to give you an idea of price range, you can click on the example cakes above.

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